Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's PARTY! Really. Boks's demise is cause for a BASH!

Okay. A big event is in order. For all of us.

A couple hours of speakers from various groups and factions in the L.A. animal world, and then a big fracking SHINDIG! I know a house with a bunch of space ;).

I'm sure we can get Council to give us some money--some of Ed's frickin cash, all of which he should cough up for really screwing everyting up. They give money to everyone for anything. Or we can all toss in $20 (300 heads =$6K) and get a creative event coordinator to handle it. Hmmmm? I can throw a huge party for $6K. More? I'm sure we can easily put 1000 people together who are happy to kick Ed's ass down the track to come celebrate.

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