Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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A complaint for damages (case number BC443765), against Kris Kelly and The Kris Kelly Foundation, was filed yesterday in the Los Angeles Superior Court by rescuer and animal welfare advocate, Jeffrey de la Rosa. The complaint alleges that Kelly and KKF defamed the plaintiff, and that Kelly and KKF conspired to break-into his home and steal several dogs, including his 15-year old Maeve (recovering at the time from being mauled by a Barks of Love foster pit bull dog, "Tux"/"Brody." "Brody" is listed for adoption as a "lap dog" at Barks' website and at pefinder.com

Last year, Kelly had circulated a rumor that de la Rosa had "stolen" a dog.
This document (inset) seems to show otherwise.

Other alleged defamatory posts and e-mails were sent to hundreds, if not thousands of rescuers, animal-minded people and various organizations and goverment officials. The messages declared that de la Rosa is a(n) "animal abuser," "hoarder," "dog fighter," "sexual predator," "fraud," etc.

Allegations --stated as facts--- in the e-mails and posts to various message boards, were made including those which claimed that Jeff de la Rosa, who has been fighting the City of Los Angeles to free his dog, Stu (in impound for 5 years), "preys on women," and "is being charged with animal cruelty" has "many many counts of animal cruelty" against him.

Besides Kris Kelly and The Kris Kelly Foundation, others mentioned in a similar lawsuit filed by de la Rosa, in the apparent revenge war on him, were Orange County's Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Barks' Judi Miller and Danielle Robillard; and Former Councilman Mark Schoenfeld (Inglewood), Cindy Ross (Diamonds in the Ruff), Anthony Deluca, Jennifer Lee Pryor of Pryor's Planet; also (rescuer?) Merrill Flam and an obscure "dangerous dog" friendly homeowner's insurance agent, Dori Einhorn.

The case has been assigned to Judge Debre Katz Weintraub at Los Angeles Superior Court's Stanley Mosk Courthouse. We'll be interested in Kris Kelly's answers to the lawsuit, when they come next month. Although we may report further on these lawsuits, most information will be available at Rescue Wars.

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