Friday, April 24, 2009


Below is THE announcement sent out by Ed Boks this morning to all LAAS employees:
GM Announcement

I am informing all LA Animal Services employees and volunteers that I am resigning as General Manager effective June 30, 2009.

I plan to take leave for a couple of weeks but will be back in time to help close out the current fiscal year and work with our management team to ensure a smooth transition. While on leave I am naming Kathy Davis as the Acting General Manager.( *Eww*) Your support of Kathy is appreciated. (You mean the bump on the log that hasn't done a lick of work for her salary? Yeah, right..she has our support while they try to force Barth down our throats...Cold...Day....In.....HELL!)

I want to let you know how proud I am of the work we were able to accomplish over the past three and a half years including, but not limited to, development of the most successful municipal pet adoption program in the nation (over 26,000 adoptions annually); successfully opening six new state-of-the-art animal care centers; embarking on the Department’s first Strategic Planning process; updating and standardizing policies and procedures to ensure a well-run Department; and building the finest animal care and control medical and executive teams in the nation. Gratefully, all of this, along with all your hard work and commitment, has successfully contributed to the lowest three years of pet euthanasia rates in the Department’s recorded history; and we have every reason to expect continued improvement.

This was all accomplished while the Department experienced its largest, fastest, and most historic growth in service demand. LA Animal Services is finding its balance in an environment of severe budget cuts, unprecedented demand for expansion of services, and a severe staffing shortage. I am proud to have served as your General Manager during these difficult years. I know I am leaving a Department committed to valuing the integrity of each employee, volunteer and partner all contributing to the professional delivery of excellent customer service, in an atmosphere of open, honest communication, predicated on your trust in and respect for each other.

I wish you all the very best. Thank you for your commitment, dedication and support for the Department's life saving mission.
[end of tripe train]

Ed...nice exit deal. How much did you screw the taxpayer for in severence or bogus "consulting" contracts?? Did you f8ck them on the pension too?? ---------Your friends at BW


  1. What a load of bullshit! He did a horrible job. Everyone hated him especially the employees. I bet they're dancing in the shelters. He wrote that to try to save some face. I can't believe the mayor "thanked" him for his great job. This is why Boks has been able to get away with all this shit all these many years. Everyone thanks him for his shitty job just so he'll leave. He obviously cut a deal with the city for money or disability or something.

  2. Thank goodness to that NY employee that stuck to his guns to get to justice. His deed served justice 3000 miles away! Just wondering under what rock the con-artist will show up next?
    B E W A R E

  3. The next con-artist is already on the Payroll. I think they're giving Davis the "acting" spot as a gesture( and because she doesn't do anything anyway) so that Barth can continue her evil deeds up to the moment she is installed as the new GM. Get your puke bags ready. So, a massive campaingn OBJECTING to even the idea of Barth staying on , let alone becoming the GM, MUST BE MOUNTED NOW.

  4. OKAY Los Angeles is next.
    It is a good feeling to know that this man is gone but how do we change the system?
    How do we honestly get someone in there that we the people want?
    We have been lied to for to long...the animals need our voices...we are a huge group...we need to finally get this done!!
    Animal exploitation is the last form of slavery in the US and we must stop the holocaust going on in the shelters everyday but we have to stop talking about it and do something about it!

  5. You darling people don't understand politics very well. Antonio put up with all the other nonsense Ed did and only fired him because it was proven in a court of law that Ed racially discriminated against an employee. Antonio is incredibly sensitive to that topic because he relies on minorities to support him and if he showed any tolerance for racial discrimination, his political career would tank faster than it is currently. Ed was given the choice, resign or be fired. If you resign, I'll play along and write a lovely letter so maybe, just maybe, some other moron will hire you somewhere when you walk into their office with a signed letter from the Los Angeles Mayor..OR I fire you and you'll never work again. Antonio was also saving his ass. He can't admit he screwed up so royally..and by agreeing that Ed fooled him (imagine, a dog catcher fooling the mayor of the 2nd largest city in America!) would be another blow to his career. Ed didn't get a "golden handshake," it was agreed that he would be paid until the end of June when the agreement was struck, taking his vacation on the books first, but once it became common knowledge that the judge said there was evidence he was save face..the mayor and the council said "don't come back from your vacation, we'll still pay you until the end of June." A small price to pay to never have to look at his bald head again. Linda has to go and they are trying to find another city department position for her. Kathy Davis will stay and she hasn't been allowed to do anything, she is a good egg but not meant for GM.


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