Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off-Topic but a worthy subject and a worthier cause...

Many of you are familiar with The Kris Kelly Foundation (KKF)

KKF does very fine rescue work and goes the extra mile in ensuring that abused animals get rescued and placed in forever, loving homes. Now Kris needs our help in 2 ways:


BABY (before) BABY (after)

and Luna...

  1. to rescue a rescue dog- cost about $500.
  2. to recover financially from a false pledge of financial responsibility for two mange-ridden dogs who were brought back from hell, by KKF at a cost of about $3000.
The stories which make us ask for your help (as if the photos above aren't enough...):
  1. "Belle" is an adult Bearded Collie mix who was abandoned by her family after a divorce.
She was rescued by KKF by way of Linzi Glass ( and placed in a successful foster situation. After a time, Belle's fosters needed to move out of the country and gave her back to KKF. KKF placed her in boarding temporarily until a new foster could be found. An opportunity for Belle to receive training and some real fresh air arose and Linzi took Belle out to San Bernadino County to hang out with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of So Cal. Since then, the owner of GPASC has promised to return Belle, said she was ready for adoption and then it turned crazy.

The woman began to call Belle "evil" and threatens now to have the dog, Belle, killed by her vet. This woman is at the end of her rescue career and seems to be a bit overwhelmed by her over 100 dogs on her property with no visible staff. KKF must now go to court to get an order for Belle's return. The initial filing fee for the case is $350. Further court costs will bring this to at least $500; and due to situation number 2 (below) funds are tight. Please donate at the Chip In box above.

2. The Downey Two: Baby and Luna.

KKF rescued "Baby, " a Min Pin mix when she was 1 month old. She was suffering from mange and would have been killed at the Downey pound. The second dog, Luna, is a Chihuahua who also was in danger of being killed due to her medical condition. Because of the the dedication of KKF and KKF volunteers, both dogs are now healthy and in foster homes. A well-known and very wealthy woman and multi-hyphenate (author- etc.-etc. NO. IT IS NOT CAROLE DAVIS! Carole does what she says she will do. ed. 6.2.09), who is involved in puppy mill eradication pledged to KKF all of the cost of the treatment for the Downey Two. About $3000. Now however she refuses to honor her pledge. KKF held a rummage sale last weekend and was able to raise some money, but the vet care for the Downey Two is not fully paid. Please...I know times are tight. Whatever you can do , no matter how small, will help.

All monies will first go to the rescue of Belle from this unstable woman, because a Court Action must be filed as soon as the filing fees can be raised which are less than $400... After that, the money will go to the fund for the Downey Two.

This post and donation plea is done with the cooperation and consent of The Kris Kelly Foundation. All donations go directly to the PayPal account of The Kris Kelly Foundation.

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