Monday, March 30, 2009

URGENT- Donations Needed for Cat's Surgery.

Pictured: Mama Cat with her paw on Cole. Brother Will, sleeping in front.

All rescued cats.

The rescuer in need has rescued over 100 animals from L.A. City pounds and found them good and kind forever homes at the cost of thousands upon thousands of dollars. She's in a financial bind at the moment. Please give what you can.

The new estimate for the surgery is $2090. The initial exam at the Emergency Vet (AEC on Ventura in Studio City 3.28.09) was $469. We are now at a total of $2509 in charges. That's all we need. More info on the rescuers own Fundable page here.

On Saturday, adorable and faithful friend Cole was attacked by a dog living with him.
We were able to stop him from being killed but his rear leg is badly broken. Surgery will cost $3000 in Los Angeles. So far we have had him stabilized and he is receiving antibiotics, pain medication and 24-hour care.We are trying to raise funds for his surgery. The alternative are not what anyone wants: amputation (less expensive but not fair) or euthanasia (unacceptable). Please donate as much as you can, even small donations of $5 or $20 dollars will help. We have raised $469 so far but he needs surgery ASAP to prevent having to re-break the leg if it start to heal incorrectly.
Please cross-post a link to this post anywhere and everywhere you think will do some good.Absolutely ALL donations will ONLY go for Cole's care. Thank you.
Jeff (&Cole)


  1. why don't you place the cat on a freeway off-ramp with a cardboard sign. with the other scammers

  2. First, you didn't follow the rules regarding Anonymous comments. Jerk-off.
    Secondly, why would this Board scam its readers?
    Third, why are you here? You are a hater?
    Fourth, Remember this comment when your luck goes bad. never will. You are an asshole! But you know that. Worse, you are a cowardly asshole. Next you can look at the initial vet bill (30 minutes) which is $500 for 2 xrays, a frickin splint and some meds. and the actual picture of Cole, which we didn't have last night.


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