Monday, March 30, 2009

Banning Intact Dogs at L.A. City Dog Parks? We say ,”No."

>Jen Byrne wrote: "There are a few people that I know of that are planning on fighting this Proposal. So we need people to come to this meeting and voice their opinions on how intact dogs in the dog park can negatively affect YOUR visit to the dog park."

(Link to post to follow shortly.)

Well, first what is the "Major" problem this is causing? Yes, can use my imagination but would rather learn what the problems are. Any stats? Reports? A file of complaints?

As it stands, I am against this. All of my dogs have always been spayed or neutered, that is my belief concerning population, etc. However, the City has not BANNED unaltered animals. Some of these animals are legally intact. If you argument is with the current law then please address the current law.

With Boks's antics this past few weeks and economic things being what they are, there are going to be unaltered dogs. Of course, many people are ignorant and stupid. Others have dogs which are legally unaltered for whatever reason. Any resident of L.A. who is not breaking the law or the standing rules at the parks should have full use of City services.

That is how it is in a free and democratic society.

On its face, this proposal is draconian and fascist (sorry but it is). There are better less drastic ways to address this problem, and if I attend the meeting, I will present them.

What's next? Breed banning? Ban dogs which drool too much or dirty up the water bowls?Let's ban dogs who pee on the park i. Ban marking dogs. Ban dogs with bad breath or who paw you with a muddy paw. In my 15 years in the LF,SL,EP area, I have never seen owners at the SL dog park more responsible and courteous then they are now. This is a great achievement and I'm sure Jen has something to do with that.

The solution lies in the responsibility, or lack thereof, of the dog's owner/guardian/pet-sitter/walker for dogs' behavior at the parks. The cure for stupidity is not more laws. Who is going to enforce this? Are citizens going to be running people out of the park. Will there be violence? Should we spray them with the hose. Are you going to call a ranger every time you see testicles? How will you know if a female is spayed or not? The cure for stupidity is not more laws. It is education and reason. With Boks, we have neither. We do it on our own and with the help of many dedicated organizations and individuals. Let's not start hatching Boksian lame-brained proposal.

I vote NO.

Jeff de la Rosa

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