Friday, January 2, 2009

Boks, Barth and Davis Rake in over $500,000 but Shelter Sends out Pleas for Supplies!

I received this email today:
[NOTE: the Board of Commissioners Meeting for Feb. 9, 2009 will be held at the East Valley Shelter. Bring your donations and your wrath. Maybe they will cancel this one?]

Date: Friday, January 2, 2009, 11:28 AM

I just spoke with someone at EV[East Valley]. Can you please cross post the list I was given of items they need. Are you folks sitting down:

stainless steel bowls all sizes
ceramic crocks all sizes+/-

plastic or stainless steel litter pans all sizes
dog treats hard and soft - peanut butter
cat treats
cat toys
washable stuffed animals
guinea pigs, hamster, gerbil food and cages
hay, timothy, oat for rabbits
dog grooming supplies
cat scratching posts
office supplies - photo paper, xerox paper, presentation folders, file folders

I asked why so much and apparently the budgets have been cut severely. The person I spoke with - when we got into a conversation on the matters regarding budgets and proper anything said perhaps people should write to Villaraigosa. Is it wise to organzie a letter campaign? If so, I would BE HAPPY HAPPY to spearhead it and send it to whomever I need to. If anyone knows the proper way to attack it please let me know. I hope the dogs are being fed properly. I wonder how much Barth, Davis and Boks are paid collectively each year to do nothing? Perhaps they can chip in a few bucks to pick up some supplies? AFter all, they CARE about the animals.

Name withheld by BoardWatch

If you are as disgusted as we at BoardWatch are, then please speak up in the comments below and write to your public servants.
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  1. What the F@ck! They don't have food bowls or paper or filing folders? That really nice brand new building over there that I helped pay for needs donations and the managers are pulling down more than a private sector job?


  2. Why don't the DO NOTHING managers donate some of their excess salaries to help buy the supplies to run their shelters????? What is wrong with a General Manager that CANNOT manage?? When and how many times a week is he out in these shelters, which he is "managing" to interact with "customers"-the public, the employees to really see what is going on???? How can you manage these "shelters"-they really should be called "animal jails"-and not be in them weekly to see what needs to be changed, managed, altered etc. And then claim ignorance, like you didn't and don't know what's going on??? As a manager, you CANNOT manage yourself out of a paper bag if you don't get out of "your ivory tower" to make a difference. It is called moral building, acknowledgment, training, interaction with the public (or the customer you are serving).....really super ELEMENTAL if you know how to be an effective manager which obviously not one of these people are!!!!
    It is really a disgusting situation that we, taxpayers and the citizens of Los Angeles, are paying these people like this to sit on their asses, collect a salary, and just let animals die without any type of effective programs or management!!!
    Politics at its absolute worst...and who pays.....the animals with their lives.


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