Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ed Boks Kicks Board of Commissioners to the Curb

Sometimes a small bit of info obtained deserves a post. This one is very illustrative of Ed Boks's view of and control over the Board of Commissioners. The PDF below is the chart showing the organization of the Department of Animal Services as found on the LAAS site (with a note added by BW).+/- Read more...

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Makes sense, really. Why include the Board of Commissioners in your "Organization" Chart when you prohibit them from meeting and control what they can discuss?'s the quote that preceeds the chart on the LAAS site:

"The predecessor to the Los Angeles Animal Services Department of today was formed by ordinance in 1947. With the General Manager as executive, the Department is under the control of a Board of Commissioners, with five members appointed by the Mayor, and by the City Council of Los Angeles. A current organization chart of the Department is found below."

If this sidestepping of the Board bothers you, why not let Ed and Linda know about it. Let us know if you get a reply or whether they find it "unduly burdensome" to answer you.

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