Monday, January 5, 2009

And We Wait...

The first Board meeting of the year will be held (maybe) on January 12, 2009. On Friday January 9, the agenda for that Board meeting will be posted. What will be on that agenda? There's no telling. Certainly there's a lot to talk about. Since the last meeting, oh ...when was it, Summer 08? Anyway, since the last meeting :+/- Read more...

  • Budgets have been cut and shelters are begging the public for the most basic supplies.
  • Boks has been sued again. Dr. Poopass too.
  • Glenn Brown has quit. No official reason yet, but we suspect it will be something like, " I want to spend time with my family, " or "My business demands more of my time." No matter , he's gone and that's good. Kinda too bad. We were eager to find out what that secret "Homeland Security" stuff was that he brazenly announced at the Boks Trial--his last appearance before he freaked out and said, "fuck this shit!"
  • Obama's been elected and the people have less stomach for bureaucrats like Boks.
  • Antonio was passed over for a job in Obama's administration.
  • Barth has been exposed, again.
  • Boks exploited some puppy mill dogs and cashed in for $20,000 but there are no food bowls for the animals or paper for the ACTs at East Valley.
  • Boks missed his "oral reports" to the Board for the last 3 months of 2008.
  • The Boks trial was the must have ticket for 2008 with part 2 to come.
  • BW was launched much to the chagrin of 221 Fig.
It has been our assumption that the mayor's lackey or the "out of the office" City Attorney, Dov Lesel have final say on what goes on the Board's agendas so don't expect much even though there is so much that needs to be addressed. We know that Kathy Riordan is the only Commissioner who gives a shit and does her best to get pertinent items on the agenda with Ed kicking and screaming all the way.

Will there be a new commissioner announcement this week? They (Ed and Linda) despise Riordan so they need to get her out of the "acting president" chair A.S.A.P. Who will the next president be? Tariq won't accept it so that leaves Archie and Irene. Neither are qualified and the whole town would laugh out loud. The new commissioner? Maybe. That would be a stunt! Appoint a new commissioner and then have Bickhart order the Board to elect that person as president at the first meeting. You heard it here first.

Time will tell and when we get that agenda we will post it here. Most likely with comments.

Oh...we've determined that our most loyal readers are... You ready? Yep. Ed, Linda and Hoss Fool. And they all seem to read BW at the same time...together...every day...each at their own desk! We picture a conference call with Ed at the helm.
"Okay, let's read this post. Now this one. What does "shit bag" mean?" Wonder whythey leave Kathy Davis out of the loop. Maybe she's actually doing work. If you look at the "organization" chart, she sure has a lot on her plate compared to B.Vader.

Have a nice evening.

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