Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge Irene: Los Angeles Animal Services Commissioner Irene Ponce Throws a Shoe!

The Board convened for their regular meeting Tuesday; and for whatever reason, Board president Melanie Ramsayer was unable to attend. In her stead, vice president Irene Ponce filled in to preside over the meeting. Present were Ponce and Commissioners Ruthanne Secunda and  Kathleen Riordan. A quorum of 3 was met.


If you have ever attended one of these meetings (I've shown up at possibly 2 dozen) you know that the format is rather loose and casual. Roberts Rules of Order are not generally followed and the Commissioners speak freely without imposed time limits or much management from the presiding officer. Commissioners make their opinions and questions known quite freely and without much interference or calls for "order" or "out of order" from the president or vice president.

Drunk with Power

What got into Irene Ponce at this meeting to cause her to repeatedly slap Kathy Riordan around? Is there something personal going on here or did "Judge Irene" get a little drunk with her temporary "power?"

Listen to the audio here.

(to be continued)

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  1. OMFG! That woman is a train wreck! I've never listened to the meeting tapes before so thanx for the clue. She was completely wrong to act like that especially with Kathy Riordan whose lifelong commitment to animals puts this trampy Ponche woman to shame. Who elected her as a vp anyway?She should be thrown off the Commission!


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