Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Brenda Barnette: Powers of an Assitant General Manager

Who's got the power? What are the powers of an Assistant General Manager of Animal Services?

According to the Los Agneles Charter and Administrative Code, there are
none stated or implied except as conferred upon that employee as stated in Sec 512 (below).

Sec. 22.8.  General Manager.
     The general manager shall have those  powers and duties set forth in Charter Section 509.
Based on Charter, Sec. 78.
Amended by:  Ord. No. 173,290, Eff. 6-30-00, Oper. 7-1-00.

Sec. 509.  Powers of Chief Administrative Officer of Department Under the Control of a Board of Commissioners.

     Subject to the provisions of the Charter, the rules of the department and the instruction of his or her board, the chief administrative officer of a department or bureau under the control and management of a board of commissioners, except the Police Department, shall:
     (a)     administer the affairs of the department or bureau as its chief administrative officer;
     (b)     appoint, discharge, suspend, or transfer the employees of the department or bureau, other than the secretary of the board and the chief accounting employee of the department, all subject to the civil service provisions of the Charter;
     (c)     issue instructions to employees, in the line of their duties, all subject to the civil service provisions of the Charter;
     (d)     expend the funds of the department or bureau in accordance with the provisions of the budget appropriations or of appropriations made after adoption of the budget;
     (e)     recommend to the board of the department prior to the beginning of each fiscal year an annual departmental budget covering the anticipated revenues and expenditures of the department or bureau, conforming so far as practicable to the forms and dates provided in Article III in relation to the general City budget;
     (f)     certify all expenditures of the department or bureau to the chief accounting employee;
     (g)     file with the board and the Mayor a written report on the work of the department or bureau on a regular basis and as requested by the Mayor or board; and
     (h)     exercise any further powers in the administration of the department as may be conferred upon him or her by the board of the department.


Sec. 512.  Temporary Absence or Inability to Act.

     Wherever the Charter provides for the discharge of specific duties by a specific appointee other than the Chief of Police, the appointing power may designate an employee in the same department to act in case of the appointee’s temporary absence or other inability to act, or upon the written request of such appointee.


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