Saturday, February 5, 2011

a break from the madness

It's always amazing (slow learner) to me how much beating my head against the brick walls of ignorance, treachery, ass-covering and bureaucracy can take out of you.  I need to step away from these people for awhile. They are toxic and I have allowed them to drain me. The previous post kind of says it all.

If I write in the near future it will likely be at or on paper.

It is not likely that the original subject of this blog--the Board-- will net any publishable or meaningful results anytime soon. I stand by my earlier statement that the only solution for these poor animals is to take them out of the City's hands entirely. There is no place for government in animal welfare or rescue. At least not this government where salaries and doublespeak matter more than the lives of sentient beings.

Be well. Be kind to each other.

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