Thursday, July 2, 2009

I had to share this with you...

An email message from Teresa to the Board of Animal Services Commissioners:

All dogs are Sacred, they come from afar to teach mankind, how to open up his heart and to luv unconditionally,Dogs are our protectors and keepers of our spirits, they guide our spirit home when we cross or go thru changing of worlds, Dogs are beyond human intelligence, they speak the language of the Birds as all animals do!They are psychic, they are used to assist mankind in police force,and in medical programs. Finding cancer and tumors in humans before they even know they are ill.When mankind learns to awaken his heart and to listen from his Soul, then he will evolve and become whole.For mankind has forgotten his promise to be the keepers and protectors of all animal kingdom, For we are One thru Divine Source, Lifes breath running thru all living, breathing creatures!Please respect and honor the lives that have come to you, to assist you and your families in need.You are now in a position to be of assistance to this sacred Dog Stu, the love that you will give to him, is the love you give to yourself,the suffering you cause him, will be the suffering you cause for yourself, for this is Universal Law and Karma on Planet Earth,Hashi Inkba/Sun Father Mother Moon,I beg you to open your hearts to assist in changing laws to protect all animals now,blessings yakoke
Native American Church Of The Ghostdancers
Indigenous Peoples Council
Native American Masonry
Past Master
Refugee Advocate/Wild Mustangs/Bison
Federally recognized Native American Church Body
Conservancies for Indigenous Life
Please sign our petition at

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  1. That is pretty amazing. It's not far from how I feel about my best friend and constant companion, an ever faithful Rottweiler.


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