Friday, June 5, 2009

Deleting the Ed Boks legacy of lies and hate: "Facts vs. Rumors" disappears.

For nearly 3 years Ed Boks, recently fired (oh..."resigned"...coincidentally just after a New York Judge found that he racially discriminated against an employee and JUST AFTER Mary Cummins received a $130,000 settlement in her suit against him) Gereral Mangler maintained a libelous and self-serving page on the web site. In "Fact vs. Rumors," Ed the jerk first defined for us the two terms. Then he would go on for hundreds of words about how everyone is wrong to criticize him. If you were smart, you saved the posts for posterity. We here did so.

Well lo and behold, the Ed Boks page of lies is gone. Too bad the damage has been done.
Next...killing the Ed Boks blog?

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