Thursday, April 9, 2009

90210 Wakes from their slumber: Low cost spay/neuter coupons for low income? What's that?

To be fair, BH residents should really care about the most recent Ed Boks debacle/bluder--because really, they don't need $70 coupons for spay/neuter. C'mon though, Ed Boks's head was plattered-up before the City Council on March 23. April 9th is a bit late to be reporting on this story.+/- Read more...

Maybe the problem over there at the Beverly Hills Times Magazine is that they have a reporter named "mike." That's it. Just "mike."
April 9 , (2009) (No prob, mike-we'll fill in the year for you.)
Ed Boks, manager of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services, has said that the department is returning to giving low-income residents vouchers for free spaying and neutering of their pets. Boks had suspended the program two weeks earlier, but animal-welfare advocates protested. So did members of the Los Angeles City Council. “It’s time for Mr. Boks to find another place to work,” Councilman Dennis Zine said. “It’s been a continuing saga of him and his mismanagement.”

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