Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Animal Services Board will convene at 10AM with 2 appeal hearing to start. This should take minimum 45 minutes. The issue of Jeff de la Rosa's dog, Maeve is up first at the start of the regular meeting (10:30-10:45).

The Public Safety Meeting convenes at 10:30 with the voucher/coupon issue LAST on the agenda. The Committee will hear a "report" from Animal Services (Barth or Boks) so they can't be at two places at one time. I would think that the Commissioners would be interested enough to take a break to go down the hall and listen to this "report."
Your attendance at both meetings is possible on both issues we hope you're concerned about. LIves are at stake at BOTH MEETING AND YOUR ATTENDANCE AND OPINION IS IMPORTANT TO BOTH the Animal Services Commissioners and the Public Safety Committee.

1. The Department's grudge match to "ban" a 14 year old dog from the City--"Maeve" after their 2005 decision was tossed by Superior Court Judge James Chalfant.

2. The "mystery" of the "canceled" spay neuter coupons, which Boks is now blaming on a 'rogue' email.
You'll have two chances to watch Ed try to wriggle out of being decent and fair and logical. Don't miss either, please.

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