Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unhappy Update on Kim's Cat Cole

4/13 UPDATE: I was waiting for Kim to let people know about this but others have called the vet and posted this sad news elsewhere. Having a tough time with that one. Sadly, I must report that Cole has passed on to another life somewhere else. He died in his sleep on Saturday night after pulling through his 3rd surgery: Amputation of the leg. He will be missed and remembered with lots of love. His brother, Will survives him, so we hope Will will pass our love and messages on.

There is still a bill lingering and payments due to people who loaned us the cash to get Cole into surgery faster that we could raise the money required by the vet. Please help us clear this up, if you can.

4/11 UPDATE: Poor little Cole. The photo at left was taken just before Cole was admitted for surgery to mend his broken leg.
After the surgery, he seemed to be doing fine. Then after only one day, while still in hospital, he broke the leg again. This required a second surgery to repair the break with larger pins.

After the second surgery, he would not eat and was lethargic. The doctor told Kim that there was a lot of "necrotic" tissue around the leg and that it may not heal correctly; amputation may be necessary. Because Cole was not eating, they sedated him and inserted a feeding tube, but what came out of his stomach may be the worst news possible. A gold-ish fluid which the vet says is THE sign of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Cats do not normally recover from FIP and Dr. Hahn broke the news to Kim that Cole may have to be euthanized due to the FIP which most often results in a painful death for kitties. More blood tests were done for FIP on Friday and we hoped to get the results back on Saturday but they did not come back from the lab. Dr. Hahn called Kim and said that infection in the leg (from the necrotic (dead) tissues was progressing quickly and that amputation must be performed immediately).

There was doubt that Cole would survive the third surgery in 5 days. He did, as far as we knew as of this afternoon. He came through and was stil sedated when Kim spoke to Dr. Hahn at about 2:30 PM. We're still waiting for the blood test re: FIP. Poor little Cole is by no means out of the woods. This is a tough long weekend for Cole and for Kim, so please send good thoughts and prayers for both.

Donations have dried up and we want to be able to pay Dr. Hahn for his services and kindness. We're down about $900 total. A good friend of Cole put up, as a short term loan, the $450 necessary to get Cole into surgery but that wasthe friend's car payment which he absolutely needed to have repaid from donations by Friday 4/10. Well, the car payment is not made and this friend is in his own financial straights.
Please contribute what you can in the ChipIn boxes below. If you would like to donate via a 501(c)3 and receive a receipt for your taxes, Forte Animal Rescue has agreed to accept targeted donations which will go straight to Cole's surgery fund. Email us at Boardwatch@gmail.com to contribute this way and we'll set it up for you in a very easy manner. We were hoping that Cole would have been releases and recovering at home by now so that he could attend the blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street today. But no Cole, no Hambone and a very sad Easter all around.
Hereare the first two EXPIRED Chip-ins from Kim's site which tells more of her own story. We are putting all current/expired Chip-ins here for transparency. All donations go to the same account. Plese use the BLUE #3 ChipIn for donations. Thank you.
~Jeff de la Rosa (Stu's Dad).

4/7 UPDATE on Donations for Cole's surgeryActors and Others for Animals has donated $75 and has secured low cost surgery at East Valley Animal Clinic. We thank them both.

The goal is now reduced to $1669 including the initial exam at Animal Emergency Clinic from March 28. We have raised $767 . We are short $967. Please do what you can. Thank you.

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  1. I just wish to say that Dr. Mark Hohne at East Valley is as good as they come. He is my vet, and was my vet when my feline companion of 20 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year March 3. If anyone out there wants to know if this is real, it is real! Dr. Mark has been in the same small facility for nearly 20 years. He has no elaborate digs, only a warm,friendly and loving animal care hospital. PLEASE, if anyone can help, please do! If all of us just "chip-in" even $5.00 (that extra starbucks latte) the money could be raised in no time. And, lastly, if anyone can save Cole, it would be Dr. Mark. Cole and Kim are in the best of hands. Dr. Mark is the animals guardian angel!!


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