Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Ed Boks up to No Good!"

That's what the post to the Craigslist Pet section says. Here it is:

ED BOKS and Linda Barth are planning to make a MAJOR POWER GRAB to change the Los Angeles Municipal Code so they can change/reduce the unaltered dog license differential WITHOUT proper notification to the public and hearing before the City Council.

If his current scheme passes the Commission on Monday, Boks will be on his way to destroying the licensing differential annually and input and destroying the spay/neuter program that has successfully reduced the number of dog impounds to our shelter for the past ten years.

PLEASE write to President Kathy Riordan at and to all Commissioners and City Council Members and the Mayor tell them to OPPOSE any efforts to turn over financial power to Ed Boks, who has in no way proven his competence either in Los Angeles, nor in his previous jobs.

From what we understand from Maricopa County and New York, Boks destroyed the established systems of both these departments before he was fired or left. We CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN IN LOS ANGELES.

You may just cut and paste the above if you don't have time to write, but PLEASE ACT TODAY!!

Well, if you were to look at Monday's agenda here, you will find 27 pages of "Fun with Ed Boks" +/- Read more...

You see, Ed is on a "power grab" to make dozens of changes to the Municipal Code which would:

  1. Increase the dog license term from 1 to 3 years. Now your three year license will cost you $45 for an altered animal--up front.
  2. Give Ed the power to raise license fees without approval of the Board or Council.
  3. Institute a "puppy license." Yep any age dog must now have a license. Currently a puppy is not consiered a dog until 4 months, so if you have 3 dogs already, you can still rescue and rehome a puppy without Black Helicopter hazing your home.
  4. "Expand and emphasize the responsibility of breeders, commercial establishments, and others to report information to the Department on dogs sold for licensing follow-up." NOT SO FAST BOKS! This is a second lame attempt to make pet sellers AND RESCUERS, NEW HOPE OR OTHERWISE to report to Boks the names and addresses of adopters. UMMM. WE SAY NO, BIG BROTHER , ED!
Oh there's so much more, including changes that go against state law. Here's the link again. Go Read. And then GO TO THE BOARD MEETING on Monday, Feb. 23, at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall and tell Ed where to go during public comment. There is nothing in these proposed changes that is good for animals, owner/guardians, rescues or anyone else.

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